Friday, November 27, 2015

The River

A few week ago I decided to take a walk down to a river that I used to go a lot with my family when I was younger.  I was hoping to catch a few of some late migrating birds but I had no luck.  As always, I did come across some really beautiful things to photograph, like the golden glow on the river with leaves blowing down from the trees.  For some reason the rocks also looked like they were floating.
 This wasp nest, unveiled, without any leaves to hide it.  I really got to see how it was so tightly attached.
 This beautiful shade of  "mossy green" really popped!  The only other person I saw that morning was a fisherman and I know how much he was also enjoying the river.  I look forward to returning again very soon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Right place....Right time

There have been many times when I come across moments like these that just take my breath away.   I am always happy when my camera is able to capture just how I saw it.  This image was taken in my hometown of Rutland MA.
I have no idea what kind of design this spider had in mind!