Monday, August 8, 2016

Close and Personal

As I write this, it is already 10:06 a.m. too late for taking photos in the garden as well as birding. It's funny because there was a time when the time of day didn't really matter to go out photographing. As any photographer knows it is all about the light.  
I have not posted on my blog for a very long time, Hummm... heard that before,  reasons... there are many but mostly just because I shoot a lot and during the spring into summer there is so much to capture and little time to process and write about. So, I will start to do my best to share some of my special times from the last few months. I will start off with some micro shots mainly done in my garden. I am new to this type of photography but am enjoying it quite a bit. I recently had been asked to do a macro presentation with a photo friend of mine so it really got me thinking about subject, depth of field, backgrounds, etc... believe me, it was not easy putting into writing how and why I approach a subject, I just do.  Thank you and please sign up (follow by email square on the right) so my future postings go right to your email!




Anemone seeds

Morning dew

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  1. Yes Anne you ave been missing but lovely to see all these wonderful macro shots today. I do wish I could do these like you.