Friday, March 31, 2017

Humm...Goodbye Winter?

I thought I had already said goodbye to winter in my last post but it certainly doesn't look that way today.  As I write, I can hear freezing rain bouncing off of the window behind me.  Although I should have been packing for my vacation today, I just had to take a drive and see what waterfowl was around since some of the ponds have started to d-ice (again)!

The Mergansers are always easy to spot.

Loved the snow on the backs of these Canada Geese.

The Great Blues are starting to return back.  How can you not feel bad for it.

The snow always finds a place to lay.
It makes me smile to think in 4 days I will be in a rain forest!  Goodbye for now.................

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Goodbye Winter

Today we got what I hope is our final and largest snowstorm of this winter, about 13 inches. We really shouldn't complain since it has been a mild season. Here are just a few shots taken that I would like to share with you.  In a few more weeks I will be heading back to Costa Rica, where I will be on Cloud 9!! I promise to share some of my spectacular sights with you all once I return. Until then, Pura vida!
A beautiful little stream not far from my home.

 Although I drive by her all the time, this day she caught my eye.

 Beautiful Plum Island, where I always find peace.

Witch hazel, trying to welcome the Spring.