Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wake up, I am still here!

Hello my old blog readers! Yes, I am still around and still seeing amazing things and taking lots of photos.  Sometimes you have to pick and choose where your time is spent and blogging has not been one of them!  I have decided if I am going to continue this blog than I will not over think things. I have a difficult time putting my thoughts into words and blogging should not be stressful right? 

I am posting this macro shot of a cone flower because everyone needs color this time of year.  Stay tuned, I have lots of upcoming photos and thoughts to share with you very soon....really :)  

Friday, March 31, 2017

Humm...Goodbye Winter?

I thought I had already said goodbye to winter in my last post but it certainly doesn't look that way today.  As I write, I can hear freezing rain bouncing off of the window behind me.  Although I should have been packing for my vacation today, I just had to take a drive and see what waterfowl was around since some of the ponds have started to d-ice (again)!

The Mergansers are always easy to spot.

Loved the snow on the backs of these Canada Geese.

The Great Blues are starting to return back.  How can you not feel bad for it.

The snow always finds a place to lay.
It makes me smile to think in 4 days I will be in a rain forest!  Goodbye for now.................

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Goodbye Winter

Today we got what I hope is our final and largest snowstorm of this winter, about 13 inches. We really shouldn't complain since it has been a mild season. Here are just a few shots taken that I would like to share with you.  In a few more weeks I will be heading back to Costa Rica, where I will be on Cloud 9!! I promise to share some of my spectacular sights with you all once I return. Until then, Pura vida!
A beautiful little stream not far from my home.

 Although I drive by her all the time, this day she caught my eye.

 Beautiful Plum Island, where I always find peace.

Witch hazel, trying to welcome the Spring.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Winterberry Bush

If I were to recommend one bush for your yard, it would probably be a Winterberry.  Not only are they pest free but all the "berry" birds just love them! A couple of weeks ago, late morning, I just happened to look outside in my backyard and was happy to see one of the bluebirds at the Winterberry bush.  It wasn't long after that when a couple of more joined it and then came the Cedar Waxwings! If you have ever witnessed hungry birds, you will understand that by the end of the day there weren't many berries left and it wasn't even Winter yet!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow Geese of Vermont

 For a few years now I have been trying to find the time to go see the Snow Geese up in
Vermont, so when my Sister-in-law called me and told me they were at Dead Creek WMA, I had to go.
What an amazing weekend it ended up being! Not only did we spend time watching these beauties but we also got to watch Short-eared Owls hunting after sunset nearby. 
So I have finally got around to processing my images from that weekend of Nov. 19th. Shooting almost 300 images, narrowing them down to just a few was not an easy task.   I hope you all enjoy these selected photos and I also hope you can get to see the Snow Geese yourself someday!

Every now and then you see some bickering going on.
Try and pick your favorite, I bet you can't.
Not seen in this photo but a very large tractor was working the fields right near the geese.
They say the aerial count this day was 6000!
I believe this little one in the front is a Ross's Goose
Driving Champlain Valley was absolutely breathtaking!
In a nearby pond we were surprised to see these Painted turtles.  5" of snow the following day!

Ahh...those wings have flown a very long distance!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Golden Hour

A couple of weeks ago on a early Sunday morning I decided to go out to a local dam to do some late fall birding/photography.  I didn't expect to see much but perhaps some late migrating warblers or hawks. This area is one of the best places for fall hawk watching and I expected to see the regular bird group up there counting but they were not there.  Too bad, because they are a very nice welcoming group that I have enjoyed talking with on several occasions.
When starting to head into the woods, I heard bells ringing and then a whistle.  It took me a few minutes to realize what I was hearing was hunting dogs and the whistle of the hunter.  Well, I guess my plans will have to change especially since there was no neon orange anywhere on my body! I thought it was strange that they allowed hunting there but indeed it was allowed according to the State Trooper I spoke with a bit later. 
While starting to walk back to my car, along side one of the stone walls, I notice the dew hanging onto all the spider webs in the grasses and low foliage. The more I looked, the more I saw that they were everywhere and the sun was showing them off so beautifully! I did see and said good morning to the hunters than continued focusing on the magical world in front of me.  Please enjoy.

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Downies with a sweet....beak

 I have had such fun over the last month watching two young Downy woodpeckers drinking out of the hummingbird feeder.  When I first saw it, I thought it was funny but never did I think they would become regular visitors!

A nice resting place before hopping up to the feeder. This is the female.

If you look closely, you see the tiny new red feathers on this males head.

Hummingbirds would just fly around until the woodpecker was ready to leave. 

 They certainly are going to miss their sweet fix when the feeder comes down!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Those Incredible Loons

I think out of all the birds I observe and photograph, the loon is not only the most striking but the family bond is so beautiful to watch. Last year was the first year a photographer friend of mine told me about this pair at a local reservior. I was very thankful that she shared this with me since I myself tend to keep locations of special subject like these, private. 
This years hatching, June 25th, was earlier than last years, July 11th. always interesting info to keep notes on. I visited them on two different occations and both those days were wonderful for photographing since the water was beautifully smooth. Although many photos were taking, here are just a few.  I hope the best for these little ones!

Stretching out those little wings
Very funny watching the adult lifting it's wing up and down so the babies could get underneath
The one that was able to get a free ride would end up taking a snooze
One of the adults was gone out of sight in the deep part of the reservoir for about 40 minutes than after calling back and forth he flew in. Oh how I love that call!
Climbing up for a ride