Sunday, August 14, 2016

Those Incredible Loons

I think out of all the birds I observe and photograph, the loon is not only the most striking but the family bond is so beautiful to watch. Last year was the first year a photographer friend of mine told me about this pair at a local reservior. I was very thankful that she shared this with me since I myself tend to keep locations of special subject like these, private. 
This years hatching, June 25th, was earlier than last years, July 11th. always interesting info to keep notes on. I visited them on two different occations and both those days were wonderful for photographing since the water was beautifully smooth. Although many photos were taking, here are just a few.  I hope the best for these little ones!

Stretching out those little wings
Very funny watching the adult lifting it's wing up and down so the babies could get underneath
The one that was able to get a free ride would end up taking a snooze
One of the adults was gone out of sight in the deep part of the reservoir for about 40 minutes than after calling back and forth he flew in. Oh how I love that call!
Climbing up for a ride

Monday, August 8, 2016

Close and Personal

As I write this, it is already 10:06 a.m. too late for taking photos in the garden as well as birding. It's funny because there was a time when the time of day didn't really matter to go out photographing. As any photographer knows it is all about the light.  
I have not posted on my blog for a very long time, Hummm... heard that before,  reasons... there are many but mostly just because I shoot a lot and during the spring into summer there is so much to capture and little time to process and write about. So, I will start to do my best to share some of my special times from the last few months. I will start off with some micro shots mainly done in my garden. I am new to this type of photography but am enjoying it quite a bit. I recently had been asked to do a macro presentation with a photo friend of mine so it really got me thinking about subject, depth of field, backgrounds, etc... believe me, it was not easy putting into writing how and why I approach a subject, I just do.  Thank you and please sign up (follow by email square on the right) so my future postings go right to your email!




Anemone seeds

Morning dew