What is that black thing way out on the ice?

 A few days ago while driving by the pond that is located down the road from my house, I noticed a black thing way out on the ice.  Not having binoculars or camera with me, I rushed home to grab them both and drove back to solve my curiosity. Thinking at first that it may be a beaver, since they do live in the pond, I realized by the way it was acting that it was an otter! It kept slipping into the hole in the ice and than would pop up and look in my direction, go down again and come up again and lay on the ice. I watched him until it got too dark to see. I remember about 9 years ago, my mom and I saw an adult with three babies crossing the road in front of us. That was a sight to remember!
 I was sure it was an otter when I saw the tail.


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