Snow Buntings.....soon to be gone

 So what do you do when you see a whole flock of Snow Buntings?  Well first, you wish it wasn't a morning that you are heading to work then you wish you had your camera in the car with you and finally you wish the car behind you wasn't on your tail.

It wasn't until 4 days later that I was able to photograph the buntings because the farm that they were hanging out was being used to dump access snow from somewhere in town.  The dump trucks were in and out of there all day long piling up the snow higher and higher.  Every time the trucks left the buntings would fly down and feed and peck around on the little bit of grass showing.

What incredible flyers they are!

After shooting for awhile and had gotten very cold, I got into the car and decided to take a look at some of the photos I had just shot.  I looked one last time at the birds and saw that they were heading over to a puddle of water so I sat and watch while a few of them enjoyed some bathing! I also was fortunate to see a Red-tail hawk and a adult Bald eagle fly over.


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