Time has passed too quickly

It has been some time since I returned from Costa Rica.  I have "just" about finished processing all my photos and will be sharing them with you, finally!  One reason it has taken so long is that springtime, here in Massachusetts, is such a short time period so when it was nice outside for birding, photography, gardening than that is where I would be. 

I have decided not to take the time and write about all the details of my trip but to just post the photos with identification of the birds and locations.  I believe the photos will do a much better job telling my story than my terrible writing skills. Thanks to our absolutely incredible guide, Ernesto Carman, from Costa Rica Getaway Tours, we saw 340 species of birds during our 10 day trip.  Another trip is planned in 2 years, hopefully with the same wonderful group of new friends.  I hope you enjoy this piece of paradise!

falling Cecropia tree leaf

 Resplendent Quetzal


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