Waters opening up...nesting beginning

About a couple of weeks ago I decided to take a drive to two locations where Ravens were nesting last year.  It was a very cold day and still lots of snow everywhere, but very pretty never the less.  The ice was finally starting to break up and what a beautiful site it was!

 As all you birders know, there is something very special hearing a Raven call. I would say they are one of my top favorite birds and I never get tired hearing them. Sure enough within 5 minutes I heard them and watched them fly in from the distance. The male and female perched together in a tree and one proceeded to break off a small branch than flew down and under where the nest was being built.
 That wonderful wedge-shaped tail!
Other beautiful views of the water and snow
Looks like someone enjoyed some snowshoeing.

Off to the second location.  However, there was way too much snow to walk to the nesting area.  I listened for awhile and didn't hear any calls but off in the distance two deer were enjoying the tasty bushes near the gravestones!  It has been a tough year for them also! I will go back again soon.


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