Back with a bang!

It has been quite some time since I have written in my blog.  I can think of many reasons why but the basic reason is I never made the time.  So.....with a new "very fast" computer and "lots" of past photos and special moments to share with you all, I will start with a "Bang".
Fall has been spectacular everywhere this year! Maybe she is giving us a extra special gift because of last years "crazy" winter and hopefully there will not be a repeat of that this year!  I have photographed this beautiful horse in the past but never with those incredible colors behind her.           
These last two photos where taken at a local cemetery, which are great places to shoot year round.
Thank you and stay tuned........


  1. a wonderful way to comeback with this colourful post and I like the agle you took the 3rd shot

  2. Ok - somehow I'm missing the way to sign up or subscribe to your blog...

  3. Patty, go to On the right hand side column you will see a box that says follow by email/submit. Once you enter your email and submit than the blogs will go directly when I post a new blog.

  4. LOVE the beauty, life, and colors!


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