It's not just a drop......

a small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid that hangs or falls or adheres to a surface.

   I have always had a fascination with wanting to get a "closer look" at things around me. So it wasn't a surprise when a photography friend of mine asked me if I wanted to borrow her Canon macro 100mm 2.8 lens and I jumped at it.  I had done my "usual research" on this lens months ago so I knew what I was in for!  Well, it certainly was not a disappointment and one week later, I got my own.
Although I am still getting used to it and photographing macro this time of year can be tricky, I found shooting some water drops to be a great subject and then realized, they certainly are NOT just drops of water!

This drop on some winterberry berries in my yard, really opened my eyes to what can happen in a drop......

This image is a close up of the berry in the photo above, when turned upside down, it is magnifying my dog that is standing on the stonewall above me (looking left) 

Just another pretty shot that is magnifying some of the other berries on the bush. 

Let's just say, it's not the end of shooting drops!


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