Snow Geese of Vermont

 For a few years now I have been trying to find the time to go see the Snow Geese up in
Vermont, so when my Sister-in-law called me and told me they were at Dead Creek WMA, I had to go.
What an amazing weekend it ended up being! Not only did we spend time watching these beauties but we also got to watch Short-eared Owls hunting after sunset nearby. 
So I have finally got around to processing my images from that weekend of Nov. 19th. Shooting almost 300 images, narrowing them down to just a few was not an easy task.   I hope you all enjoy these selected photos and I also hope you can get to see the Snow Geese yourself someday!

Every now and then you see some bickering going on.
Try and pick your favorite, I bet you can't.
Not seen in this photo but a very large tractor was working the fields right near the geese.
They say the aerial count this day was 6000!
I believe this little one in the front is a Ross's Goose
Driving Champlain Valley was absolutely breathtaking!
In a nearby pond we were surprised to see these Painted turtles.  5" of snow the following day!

Ahh...those wings have flown a very long distance!


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