Onward to 2019

Happy 2019 to you all!

My hope for this year is to keep up with my blog. Posting on facebook and Instagram seems to be getting a bit old.  I find myself always second guessing whether I am posting too much, not enough, what kind of photographer am I?  Does it really matter?  So I have decided to lay back a bit and just write about those really special happenings that I come across in my travels on my blog, whether it's just in my back yard or another state or country.  Sometimes a beautiful photo will follow, sometimes it may not but it doesn't matter.  I figured I would start with showing you just some of my highlights from last year.  I am sure there are so many that I have forgotten but here are just a few.

 A wonderful visit from a Red Fox in our back yard. After catching and eating a squirrel
it laid down and licked it's paws and rested for a bit before moving on.

This Pileated Woodpecker was so focused on this tree, he didn't even know I was nearby
I was happy to come across Bobolinks at a nearby Farm in my town!
While gardening a Promethea moth landed on my pants. I had never seen one before
so you can imagine how exciting it was. 

I had decided when the first Ruby-throat hummingbird showed up this spring, that I was going to
devote most of my time to photographing them throughout the summer. I was fortunate to capture
a lot of behavior shots as well as the males going through their molting before migrating back.

male during molting with tongue out

Entertainment at the small feeders!

The last really special visitor was a flock on Evening Grosbeaks a few weeks ago.
They stayed for about half the day and I haven't seen the since. I do hope they return!



  1. Great capture of the Hummingbird with its tongue out and I love the first fox image. May I wish you a very happy and healthy 2019


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