Through the glass

How wonderful is to have 4 Bluebirds staying around for the winter. I cannot imagine how many large bags of meal worms I have gone through but you will hear no complaints from me, the joy of having them around is infectious! As you see from the photos below, shot through very clean glass,  there are many other birds that also seem to love them.  

Two males and two females. I do hope these Bluebirds produce young this spring.

Love the eye ring on the females.

Male Bluebird in the Early morning light

I am so fortunate to have both male and female Red bellied Woodpeckers around.
Such powerful flyers!

 European Starlings. Once one comes, they all come!

One of my all time favorite birds to listen to and watch. A little spitfire!
Carolina Wren

American Goldfinch

House Finch

Tufted Titmouse


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