Sunday, February 15, 2015

Who needed Chocolates.....

It was a very special day yesterday.  Not only because it was Valentines Day but because I was lucky enough to watch a Short-eared Owl hunting! My son and I were just coming back from doing an errand and we passed by a large field which I always check out to see if there is any sort of activity going on.  Off in the distance, I noticed a bird flapping and soaring, It didn't look or act like any of the common hawks that would be around this time of year and I also noticed it had a lot of white underneath it wings?  With nowhere to pull over, due to all the snow and cars behind me, I had to just keep driving.  Knowing the area pretty well, I drove down a road nearby that would lead me to the back side of the field.  I pulled over on the side of that road with a good view of the field and thankfully had my old pair of binoculars with me.  Just when we were about to leave, it flew up from behind a small hill!!  As any birder would understand, just how excited I was when I realized it was a Short-eared Owl, a life bird for me!

My son and I watch it for about 20 minutes while it continued to hunt. It had started to snow a bit which made it even more beautiful to watch.  Since home was not too far away, I decided to drive back, dropping my son off who "is not as patient as me" and had enough looking at an owl!, and grab my camera.  I knew it was a good chance it may not be there when I returned but I really wanted to try and get a shot of it.
Lucky me, when I did get back, it was still there but snowing much more than before, but I was still able to get a few shots.  About 10 minutes later a small group of crows came along harassing it and it flew off.   What a wonder site it was and more wonderful to me that my son was also able to see it!

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  1. HOW wonderful to see this beautiful bird and your flight shots are great.