Winters Entertainment

As I begin to write this blog it is 37 degrees sleet/rain/windy. The white-throated sparrow is singing at the feeder behind me despite the nasty weather! Thank goodness I have continued to put out peanut butter suet, other birds enjoying it are a pair of bluebirds, chipping and song sparrows, juncos, red-bellied, Downy and Hairy woodpeckers,  Cardinals, Tufted Titmice and of course the Chickadees.
However, the real entertainment throughout the winter have been the red squirrels. Oh, did I mention they also enjoy that suet!  You see, our deck is right outside our dining room where it is the best seat in the house to watch these speed demons. Our German Shepherd SO wanted to catch one but instead just got teased.  I won't talk about the fat Grey squirrels!
Let me introduce two of them that of course, I ended up naming:

Blondie (light stripe down the center of his back)

Chunky Red  (no explanation necessary)

The best seat for a sunrise
These last two shots were taken a couple of days ago. Finally they
have slowed down at the feeder and are eating what they should be.

As long as they decide not to explore inside our house than everything will be fine.


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